Enter The Study...

The Magician's Study is an intimate and exclusive invite-only interactive theatre experience in Las Vegas, hosted by a charming international magician in his secret study.

On arrival you will be greeted by the Host who will escort you to the secret entrance hiding the Study from the outside world. 

The Study is where the Magician develops his secret craft, creating and developing his unique illusions, perfecting his prestidigitation (sleight-of-hand) as well as performing pieces from his rare and valuable collection of antique magic. These incredible illusions will most likely never be seen outside the walls of the Study.

Performances are for small, select audiences who will experience a unique interaction with the Magician unlike anything you would have experienced before.

I would like to attend The Magician's Study...

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Location & Time?

THE Magician's Study is a secret location in Las Vegas, NV. 

Instructions on how to find the secret entrance will be sent to you after you have purchased tickets.

How Do I Book Tickets?

Tickets are by invite only.

To purchase tickets you must know of the nearly impossible to obtain secret CODEWORD to unlock the ticketing page. If you are one of the select few lucky enough to know of this secret, please click here to book tickets.

Due to the intimate nature of this experience, seating is extremely limited. Please RSVP to be considered for an invitation.

Can I Purchase Food & Beverages?

Our mixologist will be crafting cocktails for your enjoyment that can be taken into the Study.

No food IS allowed in the Study but is available for purchase before and after the show.


Can Children Attend?

No, you must be 18+.


Who is the Magician?

For now that is a secret...

Although many theories have circulated and even been as outlandish as to suggest that the Magician be MERLIN himself, only a few know the truth.

What we can tell you is that he has toured internationally for over a decade with sell out shows and multiple TV appearances. He has been requested to perform at many exclusive parties for Socialites, World Leaders, Aristocrats and Royalty.

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